Pressure Sensitive Labeling

AQL's high-speed pressure-sensitive labeling (PS labeling) machines can accommodate most any job. We have been PS labeling since the process was invented and have perfected it along the way. This knowledge and experience goes into every container we produce. AQL's state-of-the-art equipment can label front and back in a single pass or provide a "wrap around" up to 370 degrees (when an overlapping seam is required), or when exact placement or tight registration when required.

The Process at AQL

A PS label is a label that has adhesive pre-applied to one side. Label materials include paper, Mylar, vinyl and foil. Since labels are printed flat, high resolution, and full of color, this process allows direct container printing, not possible with other decorating methods. AQL's machines apply labels in one of three methods. Regardless of which labeling method is used, many containers are pre-flamed to remove residues and improved adhesion.

The first is fully automatic in-line labeling. Here containers travel down a conveyor belt and pass through a labeling station. The second is automatic rotary labeling where containers are fed into pucks that travel around a table. By placing a container in a puck, precise placement is possible on non-round containers. The third labeling method is semi-automatic where the containers are hand-fed into a labeling device. This method is only used for very small runs or when the container cannot be run on automatic equipment.

An ideal choice for:

  • Plastic Bottles, Jars & Tubes
  • Glass Bottles, Jars & Vials
  • Metal Cans, Tubes & Tins

Benefits & advantages:

  • High production speeds
  • Extensive printing capabilities
  • Low minimums