Pad Printing

When your package requires decorating on surfaces that are curved or irregular pad printing is a great solution.  With advanced technology that’s matched only by our skilled technicians who operate them AQL has consistently produced successful projects and satisfied clients for more than forty years.

We can pad print up to four colors on containers and components, applying one color at  a time by employing a separate plate for each color.

The Process at AQL

At AQL we can pad print up to four colors on containers and components. Pad printing uses a silicone rubber pad that picks up ink from a printing plate and transfers it onto a product. The straight press movement and pliancy of the pad allow for placement of art on nearly any surface.

When applying multiple colors, the component is secured on a rotating table. Colors are applied one at a time as the component passed through a series of printing pads positioned around the table.

An ideal choice for:

  • Plastic Bottles, Jars & Tubes
  • Glass Bottles, Jars & Vials
  • Metal Cans, Tubes & Tins
  • Closures for Bottles, Jar & Tubes

Benefits & advantages:

  • Allows printing on irregular and curved surfaces
  • Accurate placement
  • Low minimums
  • Sharp images with high opacity
  • Multi-color, non-process printing