Hot Stamping

To get the optimum look and feel when hot stamping foil, you want machines perfectly matched to your project specifications and you need experienced operators skilled at getting optimum performance from them; AQL has both! Technology and talent are combined to flawlessly apply specialty foils in metallic, high gloss or matted finished colors, pearlescent tints and even unique patterns like wood grains, marbles and holographic designs.

At AQL, we thoroughly test for proper adhesion on every job to assure durability on the shelf.

The Process at AQL

Hot stamping applies a thin foil to a surface using heat, pressure, and dies. The die, usually magnesium or silicone, has the design to be stamped embossed on the surface. The die is heated and used to press the foil onto the surface of the container. The type of container and the level of debossing specified dictate the amount of heat, pressure and time. On curved surfaces the die can be rolled to increase the coverage. Most hot stamping is debossed (i.e. the design is pressed into the surface); however, in some cases an embossed effect (i.e. the design is raised above the surface) can be achieved. No post curing or treatment is required for this process.

Labeling and decorating for:

  • Plastic Bottles, Jars & Tubes
  • Glass Bottles, Jars & Vials

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Unique colors and patterns
  • Precise placement of decoration
  • Adheres well to most materials
  • Small minimum runs