Company History

Since 1966, AQL Decorating has achieved a national reputation for an unsurpassed standard of excellence in custom decorating. This reputation brings customers from the largest and most respected of cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms, and from a wide range of other industries. Founder, George Ziefle, crafted AQL into the great business it has become.

On Monday, July 6th 1966 George first opened up the doors of AQL Decorating, a 15,000 square foot facility, at 323 Bergen Boulevard in Fairview, New Jersey.

Six years later, in 1972, AQL had grown too large for that facility and moved down the street to its current location, 215 Bergen Boulevard. The plant is 43,500 square feet, almost three times larger then the original. Over the years AQL has constantly grown by acquiring the most up to date equipment. Our reputation has attracted more and more customers who look for innovative solutions and the highest quality work.

In May of 2008, AQL Decorating was acquired by the O.BERK Company. That the two companies should join forces is quite a natural development as they share many of the same customers.  Ironically, O.BERK was the first customer of AQL Decorating nearly 42 years ago.